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I admit, the peculiar and charming artwork drew me in almost immediately. The background music is really nice and calming. I would've loved if it was just a bit longer so I can find out if she remembered. All in all, an enchanting playthrough.

Ah.... this is pure dazzling experience, just hope that the goldilock remember it  :')

This game was really beautiful. The art was well done and the story was interesting. I thought that when Dreamweaver was given a name it would have been clever to name him Ash, since he rised from smoke and his clothing was a mixe of gray and white :).

Although short, I really liked the way the backgrounds moved and the art was really good as well! Thanks for the short and very sweet story, and here is the video of me playing it for my channel! Keep up the good work!

Wow, thanks a lot! I'm really glad you liked it. :D

Can I just say I love the music... and the backgrounds (those candelabras omg -drools- ...ahem). The atmosphere was really lovely. His- his spinning wheel and- and his outfit and... I'm really geeking out over the art... you're so talented. My one complaint was the bolded font on the names- it didn't quite fit with the rest, but... I'm really just nitpicking now xD The font was also a bit hard to read at times, but it was so pretty and fit so well I wouldn't say change it.

Kali's poses were adorable, and the whole thing was just very sweet. Great job!

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it. And the font, god, I know, it was either leave it this way and have it fit perfectly but be a bit difficult, or change it to Georgia, which would've made it easy to read, but take a lot out of the feel. After some friends insisting this was better though, I've decided to leave it, hope it wasn't too much of a bother. :"D